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Who am I

I have been taking Photographs for over 9 years and have taken wide range of photographs.

What I Do

I take pride on doing what I feel help me as well as others. I have Hindu (Indian) ethnic background and have full understanding on how an Indian Wedding, Henna (Mehandi event), Birthday or any events take in place. I make sure no shot of an event left behind and capture as much as possible.

Contact me

Contact me:
Phone# 609-43-ICUTE | Email: icutephoto@gmail.com

Events and Live shows covered

Published in news papers and school district

Photography Awards and recognition

Years of Experience

I have been using his services for all live shows and event for past many years. He is very professional and well-prepared on the day of  the events. He is very courteous and quick to respond to my emails and/ or phone calls prior and after events. In regard to the quality of the work, it is OUTSTANDING! Many of the photographs were so close and unique that a few of Bollywood stars have used those! The price was very good as well. I would definitely recommend him for your wedding or event, as his selection and services are top-notch!
DPA Events and Entertainment

There is really not enough to say about Girish Pandit’s Photography. He is absolutely amazing to work with and his photography is unbeatable. We first used Girish for my baby shower event. We were beyond thrilled with the outcome. He was very friendly and understand the importance of special event of your life. He was timely and organized while making certain that everything you wanted photographed became a reality. Girish just has that eye for photography. He has ability to click your special moments in the most unique ways. if you are looking for a creative, outgoing, unique photographer who will provide you with the most extraordinary and simple perfect pictures then he is the only one that I would recommend. He will leave you staring at your photographs for hours wondering how you can possibly look that good!! He is simply the best!
Shveta Patel

Girish thank you so much for dedicating your time and efforts for CRY America. We really appreciate your support and hours you have spent in making our events memorable.
The pictures taken by you are exceptional – they take us right back to the moment every time we look at them.
We look forward to working with you at our future events.
Wish you the very best in showcasing your talent to the rest of the world. You are super talented!
Parul Juneja

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A New Jersey based family event photographer with Hindu background!

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