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Who I Am

I have been taking Photographs for over 9 years and have taken wide range of photographs. I have been taking photographs of events like birthday, live stage performance, wedding, Bollywood events to start with. I have been an actively participated in photographer community and shared the experience and gain knowledge from them. I have met very tallented folks in the photogrpahy business.

My First Memory
I’m not sure which is my first memory with photography, but I think the earliest one is the hours I used to spend looking through family photo albums when I was little. Fascinated by the funny clothes and how different people looked when they were younger, I loved feeling like I was looking into the past.
I remember the first camera that I touched was “Agfa click II camera”. The photographs were awesome with the kind of camera it is. My dad and brother showed me the in and out of camera and how to use it. My dad and brother owns a service center for Canon, Nikon and Sony and there in-dept knowledge of hardware helped me choose the right product to produce right results.

The Future?
This one is SO difficult to answer. There is so much that inspires me so I’m going to have to pick just a few. The work of other photographers inspires me in so many ways. There are so many who inspired me. Flickr, 500px and dpchallenge are a wonderful thing for a photographer, I can spend hours trawling through and looking at images that inspire me.
The photographers that would like space in the gallery often inspire me, especially the ones that aren’t quite up to standard yet but show huge potential along with a passion and thirst for knowledge.
I love doing landscape photography as well as still life, flowers and animal photography but always seem to busy to do any for myself. So when I see a stunning sunset and don’t have equipment with me or when I stumble across a minute detail that I’d love to stop and capture I now write them down and its teaching me that I miss so much that I must make the most of whatever time I have with the camera.

The Future?
Is full of possibilities! I have so many plans for not just my photography business, but also for the gallery and for my own photographic projects. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome at the moment, but I am going to be working hard to demolish them. i have some more changes to make in my gallery. Ultimately I want to do more commissioned work and for my event photography business combined with the gallery to be not just self sustaining and growing, but to support me so I can give up the day job. Working towards that transitional stage is tough, and being a full time photographer isn’t going to be much easier, if at all. But I do love a challenge and if following your dreams was easy then they wouldn’t be dreams